Homewall – How to Build

Here you can find some tips and tricks to get you started on building your dream climbing wall at home. A home climbing wall build can be achieved by anyone with a good knowledge of DIY and some carpentry skills.

We of course offer fully installed home wall packages. Contact us for more information.

We will run through a few of the popular set ups available to home wall builders.

The Direct Fix

This is a great and inexpensive option for anyone with a structurally sound exterior wall. You will need the following tools for the task.

  • Hammer Drill and 22mm drill bit.
  • Hole blower and brush
  • Resin cartridge gun
  • PPE. gloves, mask and eye protection

The process consists of drilling a series of holes into your wall spaced as you wish. Once drilled the holes must be cleaned with a brush and then resin applied to the hole into which a threaded socket is set. Resin sieves must be used in hollow breezeblock. Once the resin has cured you can attach holds into these sockets with M10 bolts.

The Timber Framed

This is the method most people use to build their home climbing wall and is very similar to building a studded wall. The main challenge with this system is finding appropriate fixings points for your climbing structure to secure to. If you are lucky enough to have a solid wall this is as simple as using wall plugs to secure the uprights. If your walls are hollow then you have the challenge of finding the existing studs and attaching directly into these.

When creating a vertical framework it is best to have your framing supports set at 1200mm intervals . For overhanging training frames an interval of 600mm would be more appropriate due to the higher stresses the frame is likely to receive.

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