KONG STRONG is a brand new training range brought to you by King Kong Climbing Walls. We have taken the quality and design from our climbing walls and applied it to an ever expanding range of training equipment.

All the products in the KONG STRONG range are designed and manufactured at our manufacturing site here in the Lake District. Each product is precision cut out of high quality 18mm birch ply on our CNC machine and hand finished by our experienced technicians.




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KONG STRONG Cross Fit Jump Box

If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile tool for all your training
needs, we have a box for you! From plyometric jumps to step-ups
and split squats, there’s no end of use you can find with this.

Simply find a flat, non-slip surface and choose
between it’s 20″, 24″ or 30″ heights.

Constructed from 18mm Birch ply it features precision corner joints
for quick and secure assembly. Built-in handles make the box
conveniently portable, and all of the panel edges are rounded off
for safety. The box has a weight of 25kg to ensure it’s stability.

KONG STRONG Fingerboard

Beautifully contructed with 18mm Birch ply (the same stuff we use to make our climbing walls) it won’t look out of place on any wall around your home, and may become the centre piece of family fun! (always use with care… you may end up incredibly strong!)

Once machined the fingerboard is hand sanded to ensure it is all nicely smoothed out ready for use.

2 x jug’s
2 x 4 finger 45mm pocket’s
2 x 3 finger 45mm pocket’s
2 x 2 finger 45mm pocket’s
2 x 4 finger 25mm pocket’s
2 x 3 finger 25mm pocket’s
2 x 2 finger 25mm pocket’s
580 x 140 x 56 mm
Bottom rail is 25mm ; top is 45mm


It’s the brand new Kong Strong Peg Board! The newest member of the Kong Strong
equipment range, our Peg Board is awesome for working on your all-round upper
body strength and is highly relevant for climbers, crossfit and home gym enthusiasts alike.

The Peg Board is an excellent addition to your strength and exercise sessions, and
can be used to focus on particular strength aspects and improve your performance in
several ways, including increasing strength endurance and stability, all the while
recruiting many more smaller muscle groups than isolated exercises could do.

Each Peg Board is constructed from the same structural 18mm Birch PLY we use
to make our climbing walls. All boards are CNC machined with round edges for safety
and a smoother finish. Countersunk pre drilled holes make for easy fixing to your
chosen area.

The board comes with 2 oak pegs ready for use.

Board Dimensions
(H)120cm x (W)30cm x (D)3.6xm

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