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The process of creating your dream climbing facility in your own home can be a daunting task. We are here to simplify the process and to help you with our years of knowledge and experience. We offer a full range of home climbing equipment from supply only panels and climbing holds to complete bouldering and training walls installed by our experienced technicians.

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What are my options?

Below we will list what options are available to you when looking to create a climbing facility in your home.

Direct Fix Kit

This is a great option for anyone with a structurally sound exterior wall they are looking to make into a climbing wall for friends or family. The process consists of drilling a series of holes into your wall and then securing threaded sockets into these holes. You can then attached holds into these sockets with M10 bolts. The whole process can be completed by someone with a small amount of DIY knowledge and is very cost effective when compared with other solutions.

All our direct fix kits come with the correct amount of  climbing holds for your size wall as standard.

Price per Sqm: From £100.00

Plywood Traverse Walls

The next level up from a Direct Fix kit is a plywood traverse wall. These provide a safe climbing experience close to the ground which is especially good for working on climbing technique. Provided you have a level wall it is possible to create a wall such as this by attaching a series of uprights to the wall at the correct intervals and then attaching your climbing panels to this. We offer these walls in both 18mm Birch ply for interior use and 18mm Marine Grade ply for exterior use.

Price per Sqm: From £175.00

Training Boards

The dream for any training obsessed climber. Training walls come in all shapes and sizes but the most popular system is based around a fixed overhanging board of either 25 or 40 degrees. This is generally 2.4m wide by 3.6m tall with a small kickboard at the bottom to start from although some smaller sizes are now becoming popular. The most well known set up in this market is of course the Moonboard. This is a standardised training board which is shared by an online community of thousands of other climbers. Lights guide the way and you can log all your climbs on the provided mobile app.

We cater for all types of training board set ups including Kilter, Moonboard, Digital Training Boards and bespoke set ups.

Price per Sqm: Contact Us for a bespoke quote

Home Bouldering Walls

The ultimate in bespoke climbing walls. Let us design and build a bouldering or climbing wall in your house to your exact specifications. We can work with a variety of spaces from bedrooms to garages and can incorporate many features from slabs to overhangs. Only your imagination is the limit here!

Price per Sqm: Contact Us for a bespoke quote


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