Inspection and Maintenance

With all our years of experience with the production and assembly of artificial climbing walls we have the knowledge and skills to maintain and repair your climbing wall.

Safety Inspection and Report

King Kong Climbing Walls suggests that you conduct a full annual inspection of your artificial climbing structure. We can inspect any wall, regardless of the manufacturer. Our expert inspects your wall providing you with a detailed report of your wall’s condition and any needed changes.

Our climbing wall inspection service includes:

– Travel to your site

– Physical inspection of the climbing wall primary structure and attachment points

– Physical inspection of belay bars, lead anchors, floor anchor systems

– Physical inspection of climbing wall substrates and handhold anchors

– Inspection of climbing wall surface

– On-site review of client’s risk management program and maintenance logs

– Evaluation of expansion and renovation possibilities

– Written report detailing

– Structural evaluation

– Required and suggested repairs

– Required and/or suggested changes to operations, training and risk management program

With every wall installed we offer a 12-month warranty. Once the first 12 months is up we visit the installation to perform an inspection and service of the wall and its substructure. With each wall we also offer an annual inspection and service contract which extends the warranty for a further 4 years giving the wall an impressive 5-year warranty in total including annual inspections and certification.

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